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Understanding complex relationshops between your suppliers identifies risks and helps you improve efficiency.

The Supplier Relationship module provides a map of an organization's supply chain down to its lowest tier. Understanding where each company is in the supply chain helps better define where the risks lie and what products might be impacted.

This module extracts detailed data from internal sources such as your bills of materials, accounts payable systems, and warehouse records. We also marry this information with public data from various government and financial sources.

The detailed view of your supply chain and what is being produced, assembled, or stored at each node provides tremendous insight. More importantly, it helps you identify where you have the greatest risks that require mitigation.

In addition to the map view, you can also see relationships from a component or contract perspective. The component perspective identifies each of the components or assemblies, indicating where they come from and where they go. VSAAM's contract perspective shows all contracts and the relationships between them, allowing you to identify and uncover contract issues as well.


  • Faster recovery time when disruptions do occur.
  • Improved supply chain risk assesment.
  • Enables faster and more informed decisions.
  • Identify each component or assembly and track their flow through your entire chain.

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