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Reduce sourcing time and effort by quickly finding similar suppliers.

The Supplier Discovery module gathers supplier capability data from numerous public and proprietary sources and maps them to your specific industry and regions. The result is the ability to quickly identify potential suppliers to augment existing capacity or replace lost capabilities.

Prospective suppliers can be identified by specific parts they produce, manufacturing processes and capabilities, quality criteria, location, and so on. This module puts global sourcing information at your fingertips, dramatically reducing emergency sourcing cycles.

Imaging that a hurricane is bearing down on one of your key suppliers. Within a few clicks, you're able to identify what that supplier is producing and quickly identify similar suppliers that are outside the path of the hurricane.

In addition to mitigating or negating supply chain disruptions, Supplier Discovery also can help when you need to accommodate a demand surge. With just a few clicks, users can easily see a ranked list of qualified manufacturers that have the right capability and capacity at the right time.


  • Reduced recovery time from disruptions.
  • Greater supply chain responsiveness to demand volatality.
  • Improved supply chain flexibility.
  • Reduce sourcing time and effort by quickly finding similar suppliers.

    Rich supplier data facilitates better decisions faster.

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