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Identify suppliers at risk and take action to avoid disruptions.

Natural and man-made events can have an immediate and profound impact on supply chains. The Disaster Assessment module overlays disaster and supplier information, helping mitigate risks and minimize impacts.

This module provides real-time mapping of natural disasters, including storms, fires, earthquakes, and more. Real-time data on earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons is received from global databases.

How valuable would it be if you could receive alerts in advance of a supply chain disruption caused by natural events? Or, in the case of earthquakes, within minutes of their occurrance? VSAAM not only gives you that notice, it also provides the tools to quickly mitigate or negate any disruption.

When disaster looms or has struck, you can instantly see which suppliers are affected and identify the products they produce and the inventory they hold. Using the Supplier Discovery module, you can quickly identify similar suppliers and quickly shift production, maintaining higher levels of business continuity.


  • Improve supply chain resiliency.
  • Avoid or reduce impact from natural disasters.
  • Reduce time and effort to track and report.
  • Receive alerts within minutes of an event so that you can react quickly.

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