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Rich data about contract dollars and supplier makeup is just a click away.

The Demographic Analysis module lets organizations see where their suppliers are located and the value of their contracts by region. This is important for any organization that needs to report on their spending activities by region, particularly for suppliers that qualify as small or disadvantaged businesses.

The region can be by state, legislative district, or it can be user-defined. In addition to showing all of your organization's contracts, VSAAM also pulls data on all U.S. government contracts. Data can be segmented by any number of parameters, allowing you to look at very specific results.

Viewing data by legislative district is particularly helpful for organizations that deal with government monies. In addition to providing detailed spending breakdowns by district, VSAAM also provides current data on each legislator.


  • Reduce reporting time and effort.
  • Increase recognition for economic development efforts.
  • Better leverage legislative insights.
  • Easily identify all suppliers and the programs they support in any region.

    Get a better handle on where your money is being spent.