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Improve counterfeit avoidance and detection by identifying the most likely sources of counterfeit parts in a supply chain.

Addressing the growing concern of counterfeit parts, this module evauluates both suppliers and components to identify likely areas of risk. The module's advanced algorithms evaluate volumes of data--ranging from the type of supplier to their location and past performance--to identify different risk factors for your particular supply chain.

This analysis is an ongoing process, giving you real-time insights into where the greatest risks for counterfeit parts are. Such insight allows teams to focus more effort on those suppliers or components that are more likely to be counterfeit, increasing the likelihood of early detection.

The Anti-counterfeit module provides both a top-down supplier perspective and a bottom-up component perspective. Working with the VSAAM Component Visibility module, this module identifies and monitors the parts and materials associated with each assembly within a system.


  • Greater ability to identify likely counterfeits earlier.
  • Reduced number of counterfeits.
  • Reduced costs through better focus on risk areas.
  • Connect supplier and product data for deeper analysis and to foster more informed decisions.

    Focused on stamping out counterfeit parts?