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Supply chain visibility is cited in numerous studies and organizations as one of the top needs for professionals in today's increasingly complex global supply chains. Visibility is not only a crucial need in-and-of itself, it is the foundation for achieving supply chain efficiency, agility, and resiliency.

Two important factors to consider in seeking visibility are depth and breadth. According to SCM World, more than 40% of disruptions come from tier two suppliers and below. This suggests that deep visibility into all supply chain tiers is crucial for success.

Breadth of visibility comes from looking beyond just the storage and movement of inventory. The best rated supply chains look at everything from raw materials and manufacturing through transportation and consumption.

Only by identifying all supply chain participants and visualizing them on a global map can practitioners begin to identify and mitigate potential risks. According to the World Economic Forum, "...increased volatility is the new normal for globalized and interconnected supply chains." Such volatility requires great visibility into and insights from the extended supply chain in order to quickly predict and react to disruption.

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