Challenges > Complexity

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, not only in the number of participants that must be identified and tracked, but also in the geographic dispersion of those participants. Gathering all the data just to stay aware of the issues at all nodes throughout the extended supply chain is hard enough. Distilling all those volumes of data from disparate sources to find meaningful insights that drive the right actions is even harder.

One of the first challenges is that internal data typically resides on multiple systems. Data on suppliers, products, contracts, transportation, inventory and more, can be incredibly difficult to access, particularly in real-time.

On top of that, data from external resources is needed to provide the complete picture. Whether that data is on financial viability, environmental conditions, compliance records, legal actions, or a host of other issues, it must be pulled from multiple external sources. That requires a relationship and integration with every data source in order to facilitate instant access to data that could make or break your business.

Once the data is assembled, the challenge becomes taming the complexity to provide clear and valuable insights. Sophisticated algorithms can help sort through the information and pinpoint the most serious issues. An intuitive and easily-configured interface will help put valuable insights in the hands of professionals with minimal training and support.

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